In the beginning, there was a Garden, a garden tended by God himself. An environment where God and man could walk in the cool of the day, together. God's first act of love was creating a place of intimacy between Himself and us, and it was no accident that he chose a vibrant, lush garden, full of beauty and deep truth. A garden has always held the promise of true connection with God, and this year, we are fully immersing ourselves in that reality. If you seek Him, you will find him, possibly barefoot, tending to one of his creations, looking lovingly at you, seeing past your shortcomings and finding the gold beneath. This year, discover what it means to have your life become a garden that God himself tends, full of joy and sorrow, loss and new life, and enough fruit and vegetables to give away to others. You belong here.


AUGUST 2-3, 2019


Meet Our Speakers


Melanie Forsythe

Melanie Forsythe is the Lead Pastor of LIFE vineyard church in Columbus Ohio and the founder of Selah. She is passionate about building the Kingdom of God through the local church, and equipping women to lead in the church and in secular spaces.

This past November, Melanie's husband and ministry partner Simon, passed away unexpectedly on a Sabbatical in Spain, turning her world upside down. This year, she has a very special set of messages to share, one of hope in the midst of grief, and beauty in the midst of pain.