The power of deciding.

I have diagnosed myself with decision fatigue. It’s a real thing, and I’ve decided I have it. I was on the tail end of a week of exhausting decisions, big and small when the realization of my condition sank in.   I was standing at Home Goods, trying to decide on a new set of organizational boxes for my underwear when I cracked. I remember thinking ‘get it together Mel - it’s a simple decision’ but I just couldn’t do it. It was one decision too many and I left without the boxes, sat in my car and wept. 

According to a recent study, we make on average, 35,000 decisions a day. How ridiculous is that? And let me tell you, these last six months in my life have been anything but average so I’m probably hanging out in the 40,000 daily decision range. I’m tired, and I have a sneaking suspicion that you are too. 

Every time you open Netflix, look at a menu, answer, ignore or delete your emails, write a text, have a conversation, go to a grocery store, not to mention your children and your job - you are making decisions. If you are not careful, all of these great options that are available to you that are supposed to empower you, can paralyze you. 

Every decision takes something from you, be it energy, time or mental stress. As we weigh our options we worry that we haven’t done our research - what if there is a better option just waiting to be discovered? What if we decide and then something better comes along? 

This decision fatigue colors all facets of our lives, and can easily rob us of some amazing opportunities, not because they aren’t available, but rather, because we are too exhausted to make the choice. 

Many of you wait until the last minute to sign up for Selah. Some of you are deciding on the day of the event, and even more find themselves not attending due to indecision. I want you to decide that this year, you won’t let decision fatigue win. What I have learned during this season of high level decision making, is not to put off what you know you should/want/desire to do, kicking the proverbial decision can down the road for another day.  

I want to encourage you to sign up for Selah now. Sure you can wait until the day of, but I guarantee that you’ll think about making that decision at least 100 more times until you finally do it, so how about doing it right now? 

When you decide to come to Selah, you are making an appointment for yourself to intentionally meet with God and show up for women everywhere. When you decide to join in with other women who are seeking God and following His leading, you are saying yes to a faith that invites others along for the journey. When you decide to buy your ticket now, you are letting your family and your friends know that you value women coming together to lift up the name of Jesus and each other. When you decide to come to Selah you are saying that we all get to rise, we all get to carry one another’s burdens and that together, we can make a collective sound that travels further than anything that we can do on our own. 

So let me encourage you, decide now. It will free you up to make the other 34,999 decisions facing you today and who knows - you might be the catalyst for someone else’s decision. 

Decision fatigue is real, but we can find a path through the haze of choice, especially when we walk together.  

See you in August!