ever since i was a little girl, i would run around the house singing the songs i learned in sunday school at the top of my lungs. how i view praise and worship has grown and changed over the years, but there's something beautiful and never changing and humbling about singing words of adoration and praise to the Creator that gave me the lungs and voice to sing. the most connection i've ever felt to our Creator is through singing the truth of his love and holiness.

i love talking to people about their lives, their desires and dreams, i love laughing with people and eating delicious food together. i love collaborating on a creative idea together with people, whether it's a song or a project. is what gets me going in the morning. that and a child jumping onto my stomach.

my motivation is twofold i think. for myself and for others. it would be to get this idea out and watch it take form and mold it and then show it to others in hopes it'll inspire and move people to then think and create for themselves!

Micah was three days old when we found out he had a genetic disease. my very first thought, as i stared down into his sweet face, was "is he going to be ok?" and then "what is his life going to be like?" and then "what is MY life going to be like?" of course now i look back and wish i could've told myself that it was going to be ok, that he was going to be healthy, strong and a little pistol. but God is so gentle, and loving, he actually spoke those words to us over and over in so many different ways. my husband and i both had the word "strong" come to us as we prayed for him, and we discovered numerous other people had heard the same word for him.. we felt loved and cared for in ways we never would have expected to be cared for. i just had this peace that had no rational explanation that fell on me the day we got the news. i remember i looked into micah's little squishy, brand new baby face that day and asked "will he be ok?" and God had answered me with a whisper in my spirit "yes. he is going to be ok. because he's mine."

the last time i cried was about 5 minutes ago. because i saw a horse. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

when i think of the word rise i think of a multitude of women coming together in the name of Jesus to rise above insecurity, circumstances and all that tears women apart, to create a force of love and unity to be reckoned with.

i would love to be remembered for one of my good attributes, but if you only remember that i was crazy, i'll take it.