A word from Joanna

Joanna is a a beautiful soul and we are excited to share some of her words today, as her story will be shared at the conference as well :) 

What does the word Selah mean to you? Stop in my tracks, take a deep cleansing breath, quiet down and focus on Jesus. 

What comes to mind when you consider the word RISE? I picture myself like the sunrise, slowly breaking the day and coming to the full power of the noon day and ti shines every day even when the clouds block the view.

Is there a tim in your life you can recall where you have been able to pause, a season that you feel like God allowed to work on you, to reset or bless you? - I so wanted to change where I work. Get a new job..new assignment..I laid it down and he gave me quiet contentment..work unto The Lord. I recommitted to do a good job every day until he moved me.. and if he doesn't.. it is well! That commitment was 2 and a half years ago. 

Is there anything you visualize when you think of the words Selah, RISE and the women's conference as whole? Giant Holy Spirit scissors that cut the strings of whatever had me bound, then I'm no longer held back in my mind. I stand and rise with the mind of Christ and I'm empowered with strength to stand and move forward with the challenge at hand.