Reflecting on Rise and Selah

We are welcoming thoughts and reflections on what the words Selah and Rise mean to you when you consider these words! Here we can hear from Hannah Poland. Hannah is a treasure, she's loyal and giving and compassionate and steady..what a gem. Here are her thoughts:

Is there a time in life you can recall where God has called you to rise? What does this experience feel like to you? -The first thing that comes to mind is when God asks me to do something that I do not want to do. I really have to put my selfishness and pride aside and step out in faith, boldness and obedience which is usually not always easy. 

Is there a time in your life you can recall where you have been able to pause or rest; a spiritual season that you feel like God allowed to work on you or to reset? - I really feel like 2015 was a season when God really brought spiritual rest to my life. I had just gone through two back to back miscarriages and I felt so broken-hearted and hopeless. God really met me in my brokenness. I felt his presence just working in my life through specific scriptures. When I would read his word I could feel him speaking to me and filling me with promises and hope. When I would worship I felt his presence so strongly bringing rest to my life. I had to make a decision to pause in his presence and let him fill my life rather than wallowing in sadness and bitterness. 

When you think on the word Selah, what comes to mind? - When I think of the word Selah, I am reminded to breathe...stand still....relax...and give God time to speak into my life. I feel like my every day is so packed with things to do that I rarely pause and allow God to speak. I have to be reminded to stop and focus on him.